With the options for how to legally take cannabis forever increasing, it’s common to feel lost about which methods to try out. We’ll explain what cannabis spray is, how you can use it, and some of the benefits of doing so.


What is cannabis spray?

Cannabis spray, often referred to as CBD spray, is cannabis extract mixed with a base oil and packaged into a compact spray bottle. A spray can contain a combination of CBD, THC (often only in trace amounts), or other beneficial cannabinoids.

Cannabis sprays are an alternative for consumers who want an improvement in their wellbeing but can’t picture themselves smoking a joint. You might not see cannabis sprays being sold as often as topicals or edibles, but they can offer many of the same benefits.

Whilst there isn’t much scientific evidence on the efficacy of cannabis sprays yet, looking at the proven therapeutic benefits of CBD itself gives us an idea of where they could help. Cannabis sprays, therefore, have great potential for relieving chronic pain, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression, acne, and loads of other conditions.

How to use a cannabis spray

There is no correct dosage for any cannabis product – you should be cautious, start with a low amount, and increase it over time.

A spray can be used in several ways, depending on what you prefer or which outcome you’re trying to achieve. These tips will give you ideas for how cannabis sprays can be used, but always follow the instructions on the box. And shake the bottle well!

Oral – to swallow

Aim the bottle towards the back of your mouth and spray the bottle. Your digestive system will absorb the cannabinoids, similar to when you eat an edible.

Oral – sublingual

Compared with waiting for your digestive system to process CBD, spraying it directly under the tongue will speed up how quickly it gets absorbed into your bloodstream.


Sometimes, a cannabis spray works best for you when inhaled through the nose. Insert the nozzle into one of your nostrils, close the other with your finger, and squirt the spray.


If you want to relieve a skin complaint, you can use cannabis spray as a spray mist. To do this, spritz it onto the skin and allow it to sink in.

What are some of the benefits of cannabis spray?

Quick absorption

If a cannabis spray is taken sublingually or even swallowed, a lot of the available CBD is absorbed into the circulatory system. This increases its bioavailability and the speed at which it has an effect.

Easier to tolerate if nauseous

Nausea is a common side effect of chemotherapy. For patients who seek relief from chemo with CBD, spraying can be much easier than swallowing a pill or eating a gummy.

Easy to control dosing

Doses of a cannabis spray can be controlled in more incremental amounts than when taking a pill or edible. This means a user can dose until they feel the effects, without taking more CBD than they need.

Most of all, it’s easy to use

Long gone are the days of having to pick a strain of cannabis and learn how to roll so you can receive the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Simply pop off the cap and spray.

To buy or not to buy

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