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Cannabis Tincture Benefits

A cannabis tincture is an extract. The process involves using a liquid to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds from the plant material. Alcohol is the most commonly used liquid, as it bonds more effectively to the desired components, but glycerin is also sometimes used.

You can find tinctures in dark-colored glass bottles that include a dropper for dosing. Have you thought about trying them but aren’t quite sure? Here are some benefits of cannabis tinctures to keep in mind.

Tinctures are Smokeless

While smoking is probably the most well-known form of using cannabis, vaping has grown significantly over the past few years. While considered healthier, you still need to inhale the vapor.

If you’re not keen on the idea of smoking or inhaling anything into your lungs, a cannabis tincture provides an excellent alternative. All you need to do is place a few drops under your tongue. There’s no worrying about the potentially harmful effects that smoking can have on your lungs.

They’re a Lower Calorie Alternative to Edibles

While edibles are another alternative to smoking, they may not be the best option for calorie-conscious users, or those watching what ingredients they’re putting in their bodies. Cannabis tinctures do have a few calories, but they have significantly less than brownies, cookies, gummies, and other forms of edibles.

They’re More Discreet

Smoking is a very noticeable form of cannabis consumption. Not only is the smell present when you’re actively smoking, but it can also linger in your clothes and hair, and in your home. Vaping offers a less noticeable option as far as smell goes, but you’re still exhaling vapor.

If you’d rather keep your cannabis use on the down-low, tinctures allow you to do just that. They’re odorless, and there’s no smoke or vapor involved. You can easily take a few drops without anyone taking notice.

Cannabis Tincture is Fast-Acting

When taken sublingually, cannabis tinctures go to work fast. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds absorb directly into the bloodstream and go straight to work. Effects typically take less than 30 minutes, with some users feeling them almost instantly.

You Can Put Them in Food

You don’t have to take a tincture sublingually. If you don’t enjoy the taste, you can add your dose to your food or beverage. Doing so can help to mask the flavor. Keep in mind that ingesting a tincture this way means it will take longer for the effects to kick in. Since it has to be processed through the liver first, it can take up to 90 minutes or so before you feel anything.


The Dropper Allows for Accurate Dosing

Tinctures come with a cap that has a built-in dropper. The dropper allows for accurate dosing each time. It’s also beneficial for those who prefer to microdose or who are just getting started. You can use just a small amount and easily keep track of just how much works for you as you find the perfect dose.

You Can Use Tinctures Topically, Too

You can use a tincture topically as well as orally. If you’re looking for targeted pain relief, you can rub a small amount directly on your skin. The cannabinoids and other compounds absorb into your skin where you need relief the most. With topical applications, you also don’t need to worry about getting high from a high THC strain as it doesn’t absorb into your bloodstream.

If you’re interested in using cannabis but don’t want to smoke or vape, a cannabis tincture offers an easy, discreet alternative. You can find tinctures with varying THC and CBD contents, allowing you to find the best one for you. If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to consult with your budtender for assistance.

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